Louise Herrington护理学院
Learn, Lead, Serve.
Louise Herrington护理学院
Our school is nestled near downtown Dallas at 333 N. Washington and is convenient to Baylor University Medical Center and more than 150 professional nursing practice sites throughout Dallas communities. Our modern four-story facility includes: active learning classrooms for professors to deliver state-of-the-art instruction through innovative active learning methodologies, student-friendly common areas and quiet study lounges, a large learning resource center (open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week), the Barnabus Success Center for tutoring, testing and studying, the Jeff Mills Family Techpoint to provide IT assistance for students, the Ken & Alice Starr Chapel to inspire faithful reflection, the Tom A. and Suzanne Martin cafe for refreshments, the Sunderland Foundation activity room, the McLane Family grand auditorium to host speakers, events and instruction, plus offices for faculty and administration and the Tom A. and Suzanne Martin student services suite. Our original building at 3700 Worth Street is our Clinical Simulation Building and is used for clinical practice laboratories and research. LHSON offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees through a 传统 program and FASTBACC.® (one year accelerated) program and online Distance 加速BSN.. LHSON also offers an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) 领导 and Innovation program, and online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP.) program including tracks as a 家庭护士从业者, Nurse Midwifery, 新生儿护士从业者, 小儿科护士从业者 and 执行护士领导力, plus a United States Army 毕业 Program in 麻醉护理 (USAGPAN). 了解有关我们在线计划的更多信息.
Louise Herrington of Bayles大学护理学院的独特使命是在基督教社区内准备学士学位和研究生级护士,专业实践,医疗领导和全球服务。500万彩票网基督教信仰是护理理论和实践的核心。我们相信护士被称为有所作为。很少有学科让学生有机会如此彻底地融入信心和学习,信仰领导,以及与服务的信仰。我们学校独特的信仰的方法为500万彩票网学生提供了一个忠诚的关怀生活。
学生在学校完成两年的大师专业课程(BSN传统或12个月的BSN. FASTBACC.的两年),位于达拉斯的500万彩票网医疗中心校园,是一个世界着名的教学和研究医院,全球众所周知的城市作为医学和医疗保健的主要中心之一。
The Louise Herrington护理学院 offers the Baccalaureate in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees in 家庭护士从业者, 新生儿护士从业者, 小儿科护士从业者 and Nurse Midwifery. We also offer a separate Doctor of Nursing Practice - 执行护士领导力 (DNP.-ENL) degree and a Master of Science in Nursing - 领导 & Innovation degree and United States Army 毕业 Program in 麻醉护理 (USAGPAN). To learn more about our online programs 点击这里.